July 2011
Infrastructure of Japanese Nuclear Industry May 29

Japanese Government NISA Caught Promoting Manipulation of Nuclear and MOX Focused Public Symposiums

From Kyodo News TOKYO, July 29 (AP) – (Kyodo)—Chubu Electric Power Co. said Friday it was asked by the government’s nuclear safety agency to have local residents pitch questions favoring the firm’s so-called pluthermal…


Kyushu Electric Also Had Employees Tamper With Previous Public Debates Regarding MOX Fuel

MOX public debate, the former electric employee half of the participants 九州電力玄海原子力発電所(佐賀県玄海町)3号機のプルサーマル発電計画について、佐賀県が2005年12月に公開討論会を主催した際、九電が動員した社員や関連会社員らは、参加者全体(782人)の半数近い三百数十人に上っていたことが28日、九電関係者の証言でわかった。 When Saga sponsored panel discussion about a pluthermal generation plan of the unit No. Kyushu Electric Power Genkai Nuclear Power Plant…


Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3 Roof Composite Images With Originals

Click on the image for full-view Originals

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant Unable To Remove Damaged Fuel Rod for 17 Years (1994)

From Manchini News SHIZUOKA (Kyodo) — Chubu Electric Power Co. revealed Thursday it has been unable to remove a spent fuel rod that was damaged in an accident 17 years ago from its…


Photos of Reactor Flyover on March 16 2011

(SARRY)_Unloading_of_the_2nd_Cesium_Adsorption_Facility_-_9_am_July_26 (1)

TEPCO Releases Photos – SARRY Unit Arrival – Reactor 1 Cover – IAEA Chief On-site


Video Shows How Radiation Measured in Atmosphere Around Germany

A German Information Visualization specialist has mapped some of the data in Germany.  See original article here.  The german Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) is, among other duties, in charge of measuring gamma radiation in the atmosphere throughout…


Worker at Fukushima Daiichi Tells: Some day labourers got big money for braving the radiation

David McNeill meets a nuclear worker who sees it as his duty to save the stricken plant – even if it means an early grave Tuesday, 26 July 2011 Atsushi Watanabe (not his…


United States and Japan Team Up To Study and Develop New Decontamination Tech

U.S., Japan to jointly study new technology to decontaminate large areas TOKYO (Kyodo) — The United States and Japan will work together in researching new technology to remove radioactive materials from large areas…


Nuclear Power Plant Near Green Bay WI Moving Fuel Rods To Outdoor Storage Due To Lack of Space

KEWAUNEE, Wis (WSAU) One of Wisconsin’s two nuclear power plants has freed up some critical space to cool spent fuel rods in its main reactor building. The Kewaunee plant recently moved a number…


The Long Road Ahead: A Fukushima Policeman Talks About Life After the Disaster in Japan

EDITOR’S note:  THIS letter, written by Ha Minh Thanh Vietnamese Immigrant working in Fukushima as a policeman to a friend in Vietnam, was posted on New America Media on March 19. It is…


Trouble continues at Fukushima nuclear plant’s AREVA water treatment system

TOKYO (Kyodo) — A desalination device that forms part of the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s key water decontamination system halted for a number of hours Sunday in the latest glitch at…


Workers Speak Out Against TEPCO: No Warnings of Radiation Dangers and Not Paying Promised Amounts

Workers involved in the restoration of the areas hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say their working conditions have been harsh. About 1,500 temporary…

Enformable Reactor 1-1600

TEPCO admits hole in Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 1 RPV leaking water complicating shutdown

TEPCO admits that the meltdown of the uranium fuel in the No. 1 reactor at Fukushima  nuclear power plant has a hole in the reactor pressure vessel, leading to a leakage of radioactive water….

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