Safety doubts raised at U.S. Hanford nuclear waste cleanup project

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  1. The Nuclear Mafia(aka The Nuclear ‘Industry’) is a Terrorist organization that uses fear and obfuscation of facts to, primarily mentally, intimidate the ‘general public’ into believing the total lie of; Nuclear Power is cheap, safe, and clean.? What is/has been the incontrovertible factual experience that Humanity has had, and all life on earth for that matter, with applied(in reality misapplied)Nuclear science. Here is one example of literally hundreds; The Nuclear Mafia, after testing twenty or fifty nuclear bombs up-wind of the vast majority of the U.S. population in the 1940’s and early 1950’s, knowing how poisonous and long-lasting the radioactive emissions were, did not stop there. This Death Cult decided to go ahead and use all of us as their unaware and scared human’guinea pigs’, and also scare us into paying for a few hundred more radioactive poisonous gas bombs to be exploded, not on Russia or China, but right on top of our country in Nevada and other states! The radioactive cancer Holocaust that has been and is currently sweeping the world is an obvious result of releasing,knowingly and willingly, huge volumes of scientifically proven cancer causing nuclear emissions from nuclear reactors and nuclear bomb making and testing facilities. Nazi’s = Death Cult = Nuclear Mafia.(aka:The Nuclear Power ‘Industry’). End of story,if we let them get away with this; The Worst Crime Against Humanity !! International lawyers please take note. The Nuclear Mafia has a lot of money to potentially pay out in damages won in a court of law ! If we are to survive on this planet much longer as a human race, The Nuclear Mafia must be neutralized and phased-out/off! Turn-off Nuclear and Turn-on much cleaner, much safer, and much more environmentally sound ETERNAL SOLAR DRIVEN RENEWABLE DOMESTIC ENERGY SYSTEMS ! NOW!!!

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