Pine Wood Found With 1130 Bq of Cesium on Exterior in Kyoto

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Because radiocesium was detected on 12th by the epidermis of the firewood, about [Kyoto Five Zen Monasteries farewelling spirits bonfire] on 16th it was announced to discontinue use.

The Mayor of Daisaku Kadokawa / Kyoto has a press interview

According to the city, a supply of 500 firewood samples was provided through the volunteer group of Sakai, Fukui City.

All were examined for cesium 134, 137 from the epidermis the inspection company announced it examined about all 500 of them and detected 1,130 becquerels per an average of 1 kilo.

It is thought that it was put outdoors for a long term. It wasn’t detected from the inside.

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