VIDEO: Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant Fuel Manufacturers of Advanced Nuclear Fuels – Lingen, a subsidiary of the AREVA group

In Germany today, only a single fuel element factory, fuel fabrication plant Lingen, in operation. It is located in Lingen (Lower Saxony) and is operated by the company Areva. Areva is divided into three operating facilities, including a plant in Duisburg (NRW) that establishes the sheaths, and one in Karlstein (Bavaria), which components (head and foot ends of a fuel assembly) manufacturing. The plant in Lingen is responsible for the assembly of the fuel. In the complex ready for PWR and BWR fuel assemblies are produced.

the beginning of operation of the facility was on 19 January 1979. The supplied uranium hexafluoride (UF6) conversion plant to be in a uranium dioxide (UO2) reduced in powder form and then pressed into tablets. The tablets are sintered and ground to the specified dimensions. After a quality check, the tablets are filled into fuel rod and assembled into fuel elements. This video was shot on 3/21/2011 from cosmicspeed33. Reportable events until mid-2008 occurred in the system 117 reportable events. 

Two events posed a threat to the criticality dar. At 31 August 1999 was discovered during an inspection of a collection of 4 kg of uranium oxide in a cone of material of a screening device. A weld was cracked by fatigue, so that uranium dioxide from entering the cavity of the conical pile and could accumulate there. This event was referred to the International Nuclear Event Rating Scale (INES) as a reportable event classified with the urgency level 0 E (Breaking News). On 5 June 2004 occurred in a smoldering fire in a HEPA filter, while the plant was not in operation. Parts of the ventilation system were to be contaminated and had cleaned and replaced. The fire was also classified as a reportable event on the INES level 0 to E reporting category. On 7 July 2005, there was a misuse of a system for trapping of a collection of uranium oxide pellets. Instead of the permissible 18 kg, a 20-liter container was filled with 28.66 kg. The excess amount was then transferred to a second container, so that the filling was back within specifications. This event was disturbance of the INES level 1 with reporting category E classified.

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