4 Workers found with internal contamination after shift at Fukushima Daiichi water treatment facilities

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-At approx. 12:40 pm on September 14, 6 partner company’s workers, who maintained water treatment faculties, conducted contamination check of full-face masks when they returned from the work site to 1F’s Main Anti-Earthquake Building.

As a result, inner side of the filter for 4 out of the 6 workers were confirmed to be contaminated.

We will confirm whether the 6 workers might have absorbed contaminated materials inside of their bodies using whole body counter.

Unit 2 (Shut down)

-At 2:59 pm on September 14, we started injecting water to the reactor through core spray system water injection piping arrangement in addition to the water injection through the reactor feed water system piping arrangement.

Water is currently injected at approx. 3.8 m3/h through reactor feed water system piping arrangement, while the water injection through the core spray system water injection piping arrangement is under adjustment.

Source: www.tepco.co.jp, via Twitter search for TEPCO
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