March 14th 2011 – Confirmation of names for Japan

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:rom: Leeds, Eric
ro: Collins, Elmo; Satorius, Mark; McCree, Victor; Dean, Bill; Sheron, Brian; Tracy, Glenn; Hudson, Jody; Johnson, Michael; Miller, Charles; Haney, Catherine; Zimmerman, Roy; Stewart, Sharon; Virgilio, Martin; Weber, Michael; Borchardt, Bill; Mamish, Nader; Doane, Margaret; Muessle, Mary
Cc: Boger, Bruce; Grobe, Jack; Ruland, William; Meighan, Sean
Sent: Mon Mar 14 13:11:15 2011
Subject: Confirmation of names for Japan

Folks –
Thanks so much for your help – we have a strong database of names/expertise to support the Japanese. For this first wave, we are sending Chuck Casto, John Monninger, Tony Nakanishi, Tim Kolb, Jack Foster and Richard Devercelly. I believe that Bruce Boger has contacted all those going to join Tony Ulsis and Jim Trapp in Japan.

I imagine that at some point we may need to send a second wave of responders to relieve our first wave. We will let you know as soon as we know if this needs to be done. We are also sensitive not to over-burden any one office.

Thanks again for your support!

Eric J. Leeds, Director
Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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