March 27th, 2011 – UPDATE from 2000 Telecon on Fukushima Daiichi Events

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From: Franovich, Mike
To: Ostendorff, William
Cc: Nieh, Ho; Kock, Andrea; Zorn, Jason
Sent: Sun Mar 27 21:54:45 2011
Subject: RE: RESEND: UPDATE from 2000 Telecon on Fukushima Daiichi Events

Sheron led the call

o No significant change in plant conditions. All three units have flooded turbine building basements. (isotopic samples confirm fission products in Unit 2 & 3 Turbine Building Sump water. (Note: reports from Japan indicate that the turbine condensers may used as temporary storage for the contaminated water).

o One Navy water barge arrived at the site.

o Offsite dose rates continue to decline (except for seawater contamination)

o Ambassador Roos wants a USG consensus recommendation that is signed off by all parties on how to proceed from here on regarding severe accident
management /next steps. NRC high level approval has occurred today. I asked for a copy the report given our previous request (see attached e-mail and

o NRC’s white paper summarizing safety assessment of spent fuel pools and dry cask storage went to White House today and will be shared with Commission
offices per last night’s request from the TAs.

o Casto developed agenda for Chairman’s visit. Includes meetings with Amd. Roos, cabinet crisis team, TEPCO Chairman, and USG support team (Casto, et

o Regarding addition of cooling systems and debris cleanup, TEPCO contracted Shaw.

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