March 29th, 2011- Isotopic make up of spent fuel 5% enrichment

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From: Frazier, Alan
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:59 PM
To: Batkin, Joshua; Schmidt, Rebecca
Subject: Iso topic make up of spent fuel


I believe this is for typical spent fuel (initially 5 percent enrichment) not MOX. Sorry for the late response.


From: Rahimi, Meraj
To: Frazier, Alan; Weaver, Doug
Cc: Ordaz, Vonna
Sent: Tue Mar 29 16:53:01 2011
Subject: RE: NEW Deadline 4:30pm Isotopic make up of spent fuel

Here is the inventory for isotopes more than one percent of total. I made a number of assumptions which I can let you know later:
Isotope      Curies/MTHM      %Total
SR 90          81300                      7.84
Y 90            81300                     7.84
RU106        71500                    6.89
RH106        71500                    6.9
CS134         96770                    9.33
CS137        125000                  12.12

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