Periodic inspection Sendai Nuclear Power Plant – Kyushu Electric Power fuel retrieval work video

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Retrieval of published work in the Unit 2 nuclear power plant fuel Kawauchi 

Kyushu Electric Power October 10, Kawauchi has stopped operation at the Sendai Nuclear Power Station (Kagoshima Prefecture Satsumasendai)  No. 2 reactor.  The periodic inspection, included the fuel in the  nuclear reactors.

Shingo Matsuo (pictured right), chairman of Kyushu Electric Power Company who operates Genkai Nuclear Power Plant, told Asahi Shinbun that the anti-nuclear movement since the Fukushima accident is hurting his business and therefore it is hurting the nation. He calls it “emotional” reaction, the same sort of “baseless rumor” (i.e. radiation, remember?) that is hurting farmers and fishermen in the affected region.

Sendai Nuclear Power Station of Kyushu Electric Power Co. (Satsuma-Sendai, Kagoshima Prefecture), No. 2 a day, was shut down for periodic inspection.

The inspection was over in about three months, no prospect of resuming operation stand.

24-hour work was required until 12 midnight Monday.

Workers without a crane in one body the fuel assembly by carefully transferred to the pits for inspection.

The inspection included about one-third of the total 157 fuel assemblies, including checking the condition of the metal sheath to cover the pain of uranium.

Source:, via Nuclear News | What The Physics?


Kyushu Electric and the Sendai Nuclear Power station have made headlines with scandals lately, as they have been found to be giving officials gifts and money in exchange for support.


From Ex-SKF:

The Kyuden (Kyushu Electric) saga over the restart of Genkai Nuclear Power Plant in Saga Prefecture continues.

According to Kyodo News Japanese (7/8/2011), A “Bucho” (general manager of a division) at Kyushu Electric ordered a “Kacho” (junior manager who work under “Bucho”) to send emails urging the subsidiaries to participate in the hearing as anonymous pro-nuke citizens. 4 managers at the 4 subsidiaries dutifully forwarded the email to everyone at their respective companies, total 2,300 emails to 2,300 employees.

First, it was a “kacho“, section manager who sent emails to 4 people. Then there was a “bucho“, division manager, who instructed the “kacho” to do so, and the 4 people who received the email from the “kacho” forwarded the mail to everyone in their company, and one even posted it on a company bulletin board.

Now, it turns out that there were “fukushacho”, the vice president and other managing directors who were directly involved in trying to stuff the hearing with pro-nuke “anonymous” messages. The chairman of the company,Shingo Matsuo, who said that his company’s loss was the loss for the nation, shortened the overseas trip and flew back, presumably to discuss whether the resignation of the president is warranted, according to Kyodo News Japanese (7/8/2011).

From Yomiuri Shinbun (3:27AM 7/7/2011):

 九州電力玄海原子力発電所(佐賀県玄海町)2、3号機の再稼働問題で、九電の真部利応社長は6日記者会見し、経済産業省が6月に県民向け説明会を 開いた際、九電が子会社や一部社員に対し、一般市民を装い、再稼働に賛成する意見を電子メールで説明会に送るよう指示していたと発表した。

Toshio Manabe, president of Kyushu Electric Power Company, held a press conference on July 6 and admitted that when a hearing organized by the METI took place in June regarding the restart of the Reactors 2 and 3 at Genkai Nuclear Power Plant (in Genkai-cho, Saga Prefecture), his company had instructed the subsidiaries and part of its own employees to send email messages during the hearing expressing support for re-starting the plant.


President Manabe apologized, saying “It eroded the confidence in the hearing. I apologize wholeheartedly.” In response to the Yomiuri reporting, he indicated that he may consider resigning over the issue.


The hearing was held on June 26 in Saga City, attended by 7 “representatives” of the Saga residents handpicked by the national government. The questions and answers session was broadcast live on the cable TV and on the Internet. Opinions and questions were sought via emails and faxes, and part of the emails and faxes were discussed in the program.

九電によると、指示は同22日、九電本社原子力発電本部に在籍する課長級の男性社員のメールアドレスから、子会社4社と九電の3事業所(玄海原 発、川内原発、川内原子力総合事務所)の社員各1人にメールで出された。発電再開を容認する立場から、県民の共感を得るような意見や質問を発信するよう求 め、自宅からネットに接続するよう指示した。

According to Kyushu Electric, the instruction was sent out via email from a manager-class employee at the Nuclear Power Generation Division of Kyushu Electric headquarters to one employee at each of the 4 subsidiaries and Kyushu Electric’s 3 nuclear operations (Genkai Nuke Plant, Sendai Nuke Plant [in Kagoshima Prefecture], and Sendai Nuclear Plant Office). It required the recipients to send in opinions and questions from the pro-restart point of view that would elicit sympathy from the Saga residents, and to connect on the net from their private homes.

Yomiuri even has a photo of the said email instruction. And it says, in part:


Regarding this subject [re-start of Genkai], it should be of grave concern not only to us at Kyushu Electric but our affiliate companies. We believe it is very important to deal with the issue by doing everything we can.


So, we would like you to be well informed about the upcoming hearing, and we would like you to ask [your employees] to participate in the hearing via the Internet, as much as possible.


They should access the website for the live net broadcasting, and as the hearing progresses, take the stance of a private citizen who approves of re-starting the [Genkai] reactors, and send in the sincere opinions and questions that will elicit the sympathy from the residents in Saga Prefecture.


Since the company’s personal computers have low processing capacity and for other reasons, we urge you [and your employees] to access via your home computers.



Kyushu Electric Power Company President Toshio Manabe revealed that 4 days before a public meeting about restarting the nuclear power station at Genkai, its head office instructed some company members and 4 affiliated firms to send in e-mails expressing support for restarting the reactors.

Kyushu Electric Also Had Employees Tamper With Previous Public Debates Regarding MOX Fuel

MOX public debate, the former electric employee half of the participants
When Saga sponsored panel discussion about a pluthermal generation plan of the unit No. Kyushu Electric Power Genkai Nuclear Power Plant (Genkaicho, Saga) 3 in December, 2005, the employee and members of associated company whom Kyushu Electric Power called out understood that I amounted to a little less than several odd numbers of the whole participant (782) that was almost half of one hundred thirty six, officials found the testimony of Kyushu Electric Power.


Looking at Sendai Nuclear Power plant

[box_dark]The plant is on a site of 1.45 km2 (358 acres), employs 277 workers, and indirectly employs 790.

The reactors are of the 3-loop M type pressurized water reactor, built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


Name Reactor Type Commission date Gross Power Rating Core Tonnage Price to build
Sendai-1 PWR July 4, 1984 890 MW 72 tons/uranium dioxide 278.7 billion Yen
Sendai-2 PWR November 28, 1985 890 MW 72 tons/uranium dioxide 228.7 billion Yen
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