TEPCO to ditch faulty Kurion-AREVA equipment to rely solely on Toshiba (and IHI and US’s Shaw)’s SARRY for highly contaminated water treatment.

From Mainichi Shinbun (9/15/2011):


TEPCO announced on September 15 that there was a trouble in the reactor cooling system that circulates water treated in the contaminated water treatment system. The density of radioactive materials that decreased after the treatment with Kurion’s system increased after the treatment with AREVA‘s system. It is possible that highly radioactive sludge in AREVA’s system leaked. TEPCO is investigating the cause. Currently, AREVA’s system is stopped, and the treatment is done by Kurion’s system alone.


TEPCO looked at the treatment performance of both systems and found that Kurion’s system had reduced the density of radioactive materials from several million becquerels/cubic centimeter to several hundred becquerels/cubic centimeter. However, when that treated water was further processed in AREVA’s system, the density shot up to several hundred thousand becquerels/cubic centimeter.


TEPCO plans to stop using Kurion-AREVA system starting October, and use Toshiba‘s SARRY exclusively for contaminated water treatment. SARRY has had a relatively small number of failures compared to Kurion’s or AREVA’s system

Source: mainichi.jp, via Enformable

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