195 Bq of Strontium-90 found on rooftop near Yokohama – First time Strontium concentration more than 100 Bq/kg found

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TOKYO, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Radiation levels at areas in Tokyo and Chiba prefectures were found Thursday to far exceed current levels in Fukushima prefecture, home to the crisis-hit No. 1 nuclear power plant located 200 km north of Tokyo.

An area along a sidewalk in Tokyo’s Setagaya Ward, frequently used by elementary school children, was found to have airborne radiation measuring 3.35 microsieverts per hour and a children’s amusement park tested positive with 5.82 microsieverts in the Funabashi district of neighboring Chiba prefecture, local authorities said Thursday.

Compounding public fears, city officials in the neighboring port city of Yokohama said on Wednesday that radioactive Strontium above ordinary levels had been detected on the roof of a residential building in the city — itself located 250 km south of the No. 1 plant in Fukushima prefecture.

Officials said that 195 becquerels of Strontium-90, which can cause bone cancer and leukemia, was detected in deposits on the rooftop, sparking concerns the contamination may have spread further afield.

It is the first time Strontium-90 at a concentration of more than 100 becquerels per kilogram has been detected beyond 100 km from the troubled plant in Fukushima, the officials said.

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