Fukushima Daiichi – Melted Rods Sinking Deep Underground – TEPCO Admits Radioactive Steam Found Splashing From Underground in June Near Reactor 1 – Assumed to be highly contaminated water from Basement Floor

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The stories that water vapor (steam) was splashing (erupting) from underground in June have finally been admitted by TEPCO nearly 4 months later..

10/13/2011, Tepco conducted measurements by robot around where water vapor was splashing.

They measured 4.7 Sv/h, where it was 4.0 Sv/h in June.

It is located at South east side of the reactor 1.

According to Tepco, it was splashing from underground in June, but now it’s stopped.

It is assumed that melted fuel rods are sinking deep underground, which is called China Syndrome. TEPCO assumes it is the highly contaminated water that fills the basement floor that is flooding up to the surface.

Source: NHK News Via: @Enformable

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