March 14th, 2011 – NRC Radiological Health Physics and Plume Modeling Expert Worked at Fukushima in the 1980s

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From:Dean, Bill
To:Meighan, Sean Eric; Boger, Bruce; e.: ai
Cc:Wilson. Peter; Clfford James Roberts Darre; orson. Raymond Collins. Daniel; Weerakkodv. Sunil; Leeds.
Subject:Possible support to Japan
Date:Monday, March 14, 2011 10:57:47 AM

Region I has several individuals that may be suited to assist as discussed in a conference call with Eric Leeds this morning.

Below are staff for consideration regarding the ongoing events in Japan.

For support on severe accident mitigation. All are knowledgeable of SAMAs and B.5.b strategies. All have considerable BWR backgrounds. These are the three Region I Senior
reactor analysts.

1. Bill Cook
2. Wayne Schmidt
3. Chris Cahill

Also, Ray Lorson and Blake Welling, who have been SRIs at BWRs have indicated a willingness to support this initiative.

For expertise on radiological health effects and plume modeling.
1. Ron Nimitz
2. Jim Noggle (worked at Fukushima in the 1980’s)

For expertise on incident response
1. Ray McKinley (former BWR 4 SRO)

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