March 15th, 2011 – INPO Issued Highest Level Report to Members – Only In Response to Fukushima

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From: Boger, Bruce
To:Leeds. Eric obe ack Ruland William
Cc:Dean. Bill; Lew David; McCree. Victor; Wert. Leonard; Satorius. Mark; Pederson. Cynthia; Collins. Elmo; Howell. Ar; Virailio. Martin; Thomas. Eric; Brown. Frederick
Subject:Industry Efforts
Date:Tuesday, March 15, 2011 5:04:00 PM

I spoke with Randy Edington (CNO Palo Verde) and later with Steve Nichols (INPO) regarding industry actions as a result of the situation in Japan.

The CNOs teleconferenced over the weekend and agreed to a series of near-term actions. INPO issued a Level 1 Event Report (highest level) to its members this afternoon. It identifies 4 actions, with due CQE(_- dates,and requires a written response. In general, the actions include walkdowns and verifications of aspects of facility capabilities to address B.5.b equipment and procedures, SAMGs, mitigation of SBO conditions, mitigation of internal and external flooding, and fire and flooding events that could be impacted by a concurrent seismic event. This should help shape the generic communication we’ve been discussing. INPO is figuring out how quickly they will be able to share the report with us.

The report won’t be available to the public, but we can share it internally.

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