March 22th, 2011 – Congressional Letters – OCA will extract certain information (plant status only) – Pray for no more letters!

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From: Landau, Mindy
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 11:04 AM
To: Muessle, Mary
Cc: Rihm, Roger; Elimers, Glenn
Subject: Congressional Letters

Also, on the Congressional letters, here’s our plan after meeting with Becky:

Markey wants daily reports (SitReps) on the status of the Japanese plants. OCA will extract certain information from those reports, and take care of this (plant status only). We will write an “interim response” letter back that will provide him with high level information, provide the link to the Japan box on the website.

Kucinich, and Boxer/Carper – We can use this interim boiler plate language to respond to them as well

Blumenauer wants specific information on radiation monitoring so OCA will give us a POC at EPA we can work with on this and we will develop some sort of response with their input.

Lowey will also get an interim response but we are getting info from Brian W. on what type of information we are providing the NY delegation today so we can be consistent.

Boxer/Feinstein – we are trying to get this one transferred to a briefing instead since they have been regularly getting information from us and OCA is accompanying them on a trip to the CA plants. Becky will let us know if this works out.

Enough for now! Pray for no more letters!

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