Almost 30 Years Later Still No Respect – Chernobyl liquidators attempt to storm Ukranian Parliament

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A delegation from the Fukushima Prefecture is en route to two former Soviet republics to investigate how they reacted to the persistent problem of radiation after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

The University of Fukushima organized the visit of 8 day Ukraine and Belarus. More than 30 medical experts and officials of municipalities involved.

The group hopes to learn what decontamination measures were taken and how people’s health is monitored.

If they were anywhere near Kiev on Thursday, then they would have seen how not to handle a nuclear disaster, even 30 years after the initial incident.

A thousand “liquidators” at Chernobyl have tried to get inside the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev, Tuesday 1 st November.

These men were involved in cleaning around Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster of 1986, protesting against a bill that aims to eliminate their benefits. The bill, passed in first reading in September, caused the same uproar in the Ukrainian society.

Sixteen categories of the population are affected by this deletion. In addition to the “liquidators” at Chernobyl, Soviet veterans in Afghanistan must also be affected by this bill.

The liquidators have chanted the word “Shame” and broke the metal bars installed around Parliament. In front, a hundred riot police pushed them back.

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