April 12th, 2011 – I-131 Sampling Results in US – Levels Increase

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Sent:Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:32 PM
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Subject:fyi i-131 results

REMP Charcoal Air Sample Results,

Location                     3/23/2011  3/30/2011  4/6/2011

M-1 – 11.0 miles NW   0.059  — 0.066 — 0.112
M-2 – 0.8 miles SE.    0.076 — 0.055 — 0.089
M-3 – 0.6 miles ESE   0.071 — 0.050 — 0.098
M-4 – 0.8 miles SSE   0.098 — 0.061 — 0.134
M-5 – 2.6 miles SE     0.077 — 0.047 — 0.113

All results in pCi/M3

Mark Holmes dropped by with this regarding I-131 sampling results.  They HAVE passed the info along to NEI per their Japan Initiative

– Tricia

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  1. entueries88@hsmail.com'

    Do these results gel with what was released by the EPA?

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