Reactor 2 Hydrogen levels rising despite work to improve reliability of Nitrogen injection

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Unit 2
11/3 12:40 In order to improve reliability of nitrogen injection, additional flow gauge is started to install at the Unit 2 nitrogen injection line.

Around 14:00 The work was finished. Although nitrogen injection was stopped for approx. 10 minutes during the work, there were no significant changes in the parameters

11/3 16:50 Since some increase at the hydrogen density (hydrogen density of 2.9% [As of 16:30 on 11/3]) in the exhaust gas from PCV was observed from the last time of nitrogen injection amount change (hydrogen density of 2.7% [As of 18:10 on 10/30]), nitrogen injection amount was changed from 21m3/h to 26m3/h.

Source: TEPCO

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