Impact of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster on Nuclear Industry in the United States

Operating Nuclear Power Plant Sites and Seismic Hazards

Impact on Nuclear Industry in United States

•TEPCO immediately pulled out of South Texas Project, which had been leading candidate for DOE loan guarantees
•Other leading projects (Vogtle and Summer) continue moving forward
•Most other projects already delayed before Fukushima because of changing economics
•Obama Administration continues to support nuclear power as part of “clean energy” program
•Fukushima accident raised concerns about U.S. reactors’ earthquake vulnerability

FPL Nuclear Project

•Turkey Point units 6 and 7
•COL planned completion in 2013 now being revised
•New units to cost $12-18 billion
•Projected to reduce fuel costs by $93 billion over 40 years

FPL Response to Fukushima

•No change in plans by FPL at Turkey Point
•Continuing to move forward with COL
•Conducting limited preconstruction activities associated with licensing
•No groundbreaking or major work at site yet

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  1. It would be so nice if Florida was used as an experimental state for solar power.

    With all of the sunshine in Florida, it’s the perfect place for it.

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