Japan to study risk/cost of nuclear accident compared to other power sources

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Fukushima Liability

“If the risk cost of a nuclear accident is included in calculations of atomic power generation costs, it is necessary to make a comparison in the same manner after estimating the accident costs of other power sources,” the panel said.

The assumed 5 trillion yen cost of a severe nuclear disaster should be revised as the liability from the Fukushima accident may increase, according to the panel’s report.

The utility known as Tepco may have to pay 4.5 trillion yen in compensation to those affected by the disaster by March 2013, a government panel headed by bankruptcy lawyer Kazuhiko Shimokobe said last month. Decommissioning four damaged reactors at the plant, located about 220 kilometers (137 miles) north of Tokyo, may exceed the estimate of 1.15 trillion yen because of “uncertain factors,” the Shimokobe panel said.

Source: Bloomberg News

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