March 11th, 2011 – Information more significant than official reports out

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From: Thorp, John
Sent: Friday, March 11,2011 10:28 AM
To: Frye, Timothy
Subject: RE: INFO: Japan Earthquake

Yes, saw this. I understand they’re working on portable diesel generating capacity.


From: Frye, Timothy Qt
Sent: Friday, March 1i, 2011 10:00 AM
To: Tabatabai, Omid; Thorp, John; Tappert, John; Dudes, Laura; Shuaibi, Mohammed
Subject: RE: INFO: Japan Earthquake


Sure you saw this. Below implies possible SBO scenario at some of the NPPs. Slightly more significant than official reports out

From: Tabatabai, Omid
Sent: Friday, March 11, OA 36 AM
To: Thorp, John; Tappert, John; Wegner, Mary; Brown, Frederick; Dudes, Laura; Frye, Timothy; Bergman, Thomas; Hawkins, Kimberly; Munson, Clifford; Sigmon, Rebecca; Karas, Rebecca; Copeland, Douglas; Craffey, Ryan; Harmon, David; Issa, Alfred; Patel, Jay
Subject: INFO: Japan Earthquake

Some info from our Japanese friends amid the massive earthquake…

Dear all,

Prime minister declared the state of emergency.

11 NPPs automatically shut down.

NPPs (Fukushima) have problems of DG and can’t receive electricpowers now.

(Very serious situation…
– Many people died
– All the trains service disruption in Tokyo
– Tsunami destroyed many cars, houses…
– Fires occurred at Oil station
– Wide areas – blackout

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