March 24th, 2011 – Concerns Reactor 3 Containment Failed – Any assessment of I-131/Cs-137

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From:Marksberry, Don
Sent:Thursday, March 24, 2011 4:48 PM
To:Arndt, Steven – V4L
Subject:Some questions

1. Any concerns that Unit 3 primary containmet may be failed? (we heard both ways)
2. What is the zero reference for RPV level indication that has been reported by NISA press releases? (The press release has a table note that indicates that zero is top of active fuel—this is different that typical U.S. GE designs. Indication of -1,700 mm is below 2/3 core for zero of TAF)
3. Is water spraying also intended to cool the outside of the containment?
4. What were the vent paths used for primary containment venting: drywell vs. suppression pool airspaces?
5. Any recent concerns aboout spent fuel pool coolant inventory?
6. Has any assessment been done of the I-131/Cs-137 ratios that are being observed via field measurements (i.e.,reactor vs. spent fuel releases)

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