March 27th, 2011 – NRC Japan Team – Upon your return, please “reply All” to this email

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From: Foster, Jack
Sent: Friday, April 0A, 2011 6:31 AM
To: LIA03 Hoc; Ali, Syed; Bernhard, Rudolph; Blarney, Alan; Call, Michel; Casto, Chuck; Collins, Elmo; Cook, William; Devercelly, Richard; Dorman, Dan; Emche, Danielle; Foggie, Kirk; Foster, Jack; Giessner, John; Hay, Michael; Holahan, Vincent; Jackson, Todd; Kolb, Timothy; Miller, Marie; Monninger, John; Nakanishi, Tony; Ramsey, Jack; Salay, Michael; Scott, Michael; Sheikh, Abdul; Smith, Brooke; Stahl, Eric; Taylor, Robert; Trapp, James; Ulses, Anthony; Way, Ralph
Cc: LIA02 Hoc
Subject: RE: Notification of your arrival in the U.S.

I’m back … 3/27/11

Jack Foster, Chief
Licensing Branch
U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, DC 20555
(301) 415-6250

From: LIA03 Hoc
Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 7:10 PM
To: Liaison Japan
Cc: LIA02 Hoc
Subject: Notification of your arrival in the U.S.

Dear NRC Japan Team – Upon your return, please “reply All” to this email and let the International Liaison Team know that you’re back in the U.S.

Thank you in advance.
On behalf of the International Liaison Team

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  1. I emailed the NRC and asked where seawater readings of levels of radioactivity around Fukushima would be found for the public to view. They stated “they were only concerned with the United States so I should contact Japan.” While I thought this was a ridiculous answer, I find it even stranger that they have a “Japan Team”.

    1. The NRC won’t be tracking it, but multiple departments within the EPA and state level oceanographic and environmental monitoring teams are.

      I know that Greenpeace is tracking debris, and Hawaii is doing some tests as well.

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