November 20, 2011 Event – Indian Point Teach-In and Convergence

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The State University of New York Green Team will host a teach-in about the Indian Point nuclear power center which is located just 25 miles for New York City.

The Entergy Corporation owned and operated nuclear plant has been named the most dangerous in the U.S. Experts on the topic will educate students on a variety of issues, including the connection between Indian Point and Fukushima, an impossible evacuation plan for the 20 million people who live within 50 miles, truly green alternatives and an in depth analysis of a new report prepared for NRDC and Riverkeeper by economics consulting firm Synapse.

The report examines energy alternatives to Indian Point and finds that there is currently a surplus of electricity capacity in the regions near Indian Point, including New York City, and that even if the Indian Point units were closed when their current operating licenses expire by 2015, there would be no need for new electric capacity.

Another report that will be analyzed at the teach-in is NRDC’s new risk analysis, comparing the human and financial costs of the Fukushima disaster to the potential risks of a nuclear crisis at Indian Point.

An accident at one of Indian Point’s reactors on the scale of the recent catastrophe in Japan could send a fallout plume south to the New York City metropolitan area, require the sheltering or evacuation of millions of people, and cost 10 to 100 times more than Fukushima’s disaster.


The Indian Point Teach-In:
Sunday November 20, 2011
Teach-In 1:00pm until 6:00pm
Purchase College State University Of New York
735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, New York
Southside Lounge, Campus Center South


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