Nuclear Safety Regulation in Romania – Developments – Planned Actions

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Nuclear Safety Regulation in Romania – Recent Developments and Planned Actions

Cantemir CIUREA – ERCAU, Director, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Division

CNCAN (National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control) – Bucharest, Romania

The most important elements introduced by the new regulations on siting, design and construction of NPPs:

  • the establishment of numerical nuclear safety targets / quantitative nuclear safety objectives;
  • requirements on the consideration of severe accidents in the establishment of design bases and in the choice of site for nuclear power plants and on the analysis of severe accidents for demonstrating compliance with the quantitative nuclear safety objectives;
  • formalised requirements on accident analysis, including on the way in which deterministic and probabilistic safety analyses should be used together in the design of nuclear power plants;
  • detailed requirements on the format and contents of the safety analysis reports which need to be elaborated by the applicants for site and construction licenses;
  • formulation of nuclear safety requirements for generic plant systems in a technology-neutral, function oriented manner, without prescribing technical design solutions;
  • establishment of requirements on the safety classification of nuclear power plant systems, structures and components based on their safety importance, i.e. their contribution to ensuring the essential nuclear safety functions.
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