Response: “Reactor 2 Suppression Chamber Damaged in the Earthquake”

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Japanese Researcher: “Reactor 2 Suppression Chamber May Have Been Damaged in the Earthquake”

From Kyodo News Japanese (11/19/2011):

An expert in nuclear safety complied the result of the analysis by November 19 that shows the high possibility of the Suppression Chamber of Reactor 2 at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant having been damaged or degraded by the earthquake.

Translation Source: Ex-SKF

I have spent a bit of time going over some of the documentation of Reactor 2 between 3/11/2011 and 3/16/2011.

Not only are the indications of core damage at Unit 2 much earlier than TEPCO admits, but there is also interesting variations in alternate reactor data recordings during these events.

A few weeks ago, I shared details showing possible degrading conditions of the RPV and containment at Reactor 3, and uploaded a video of the Fukushima Daiichi explosion at Reactor 3.

I’d like you to watch it again.  And this time, watch the cooling tower to the left of your screen.

The interesting notes of mention are that the condensing tower is completely obscured by some type of vapor.

It is of a different make-up than the debris from the explosion at Reactor 3, and moves in a different direction, against the wind, which might suggest some force.  (towards the upper left hand corner of the scene)

It was also released at a different time.

The condensing tower disappeared from base to top, and reappeared from base to top.

The workers were unable to get site radiation readings together for nearly a week.

The explosion at Reactor 1 did not effect the towers in the same manner

There are many more details to still be documented about the explosions, and the sequence of events prior to each. I hope that someone is able to collect this data, and wonder what implications the explosions at other units had on equipment already damaged by the earthquake.

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