Start of operation of unmanned investigation boats at Fukushima Daiichi

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Having instructions from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, TEPCO implemented sampling and measurement at land and sea as below.


<Monitoring within 20km radius>
Measurement of airborne radioactivity concentration by the support team from other electricity utility companies at 50 points (once a week.)
Dust sampling at 5 points around 10 km radius by the same team (once a month.)

<Fukushima Prefecture>
Seawater at 11 points within the site bay (once a day)
Seawater at 4 points along the coast (once a day)
Seawater at 8 points within 20km radius (every two days)
Seawater at 3 points within 30km radius (once a week)
Seawater at 10 points outside 30km radius (once a week)
Seabed soil survey at 25 points (once a month)
<Ibaraki Prefecture>
Seawater at 5 points (once a week)
<Miyagi Prefecture>
Seawater at 6 points (twice a month)

Sampling of seawater and seabed soil at a few kilometers offshore in front of the power station will be implemented with an unmanned survey boat.

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