April 17th, 2011 – Marines take rad monitoring equipment off embassy rooftop as they left Tokyo

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From:Huffert, Anthony
Sent:Sunday, April 17, 2011 6:46 AM
To:Casto, Chuck; Reynolds, Steven
Subject:”Bake” REQUEST: embassay monitoring equipment

Chuck and Steve,

At the 3 PM meeting today, I mentioned that Chris Smith thought yesterday that the Marines would take their rad monitoring equipment from the embassy rooftop when they left Tokyo in the near future.

This afternoon, I confirmed with Chris that he still thinks that may be the case.

I tried to confirm this item with embassy personnel today, but the contact person (Greg Johnstone) was unavailable.

I plan to do so tomorrow morning, but I’m uncertain if I can accomplish this task before your Monday morning meeting with embassy leadership.

If I’m unable to complete this task before your meeting, please consider letting this item “bake,” as I want to avoid providing you with faulty information.


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