April 9th, 2011 – Supercore – Any future event at Fukushima would have minimal impact

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From: Franovich, Mike
To: Ostendorff, William
Cc: Nieh, Ho; Kock, Andrea; Zorn, Jason
Sent: Sat Apr 09 09:19:08 2011
Subject: UPDATE from 08:30 Telecon on Fukushima Daiichi Events

Michele Evans led the call:

No change in status of Unit 1, 2, or 3 or the SFPs.

Three documents noted in the sit report are being refined; criteria to reduce 50 mile evac zone, limited reentry, and plant stability criteria.

Meeting at the W.H. delayed from 4/11 to possibly 4/15. The documents noted above may be discussed at a lower level instead of at deputies meeting. May be
discussed at the interagency working group.

The Chairman approved a plan to reduced staffing in the NRC ops centers. No reduction in number of NRC personnel working in US Embassy for the “foreseeable future.” More NRC personnel will be cycled to relieve team members (at this stage, it is not clear what all 11 staff members are doing given the plant conditions have stabilized).

I have attached a document we received from the ET after the telecom this morning. This document was generated out of DoS/Embassy. Notes that Sandia National Laboratories personnel based at the Embassy performed additional analysis this week. “The current source term appears to be a small fraction of the “supercore” the source term the NRC used to determine the 50 mile evacuation zone, Based on this, they assess that any future event at the plant would have minimal if any impact on Tokyo.”

Secretary Clinton will visit Tokyo on or about April 18. Casto will brief her at the Embassy.

I have attached the latest DOE sit reports.

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