Fukushima Daiichi – Situation of Solid Waste Storage

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・Confirmation of the situation of the radioactive solid waste keeping and the storage building.
2.Object of the survey
・Storage No. 5 – No. 8 which keep solid wastes (drums).
3.Content of the survey
・Visual confirmation of the insides of each storage.
・Measurement of dosage rate around and insides of each storage. Measurement of radioactive materials density in air inside the storages

Survey Result

 The dose rate inside the solid waste storage was about 0.3~30μSv/h. It was equal to or lower than the rate around the storage.
Radioactive materials cannot fly from the open drums since the contents of the drums are pieces of concrete contained in plastic bags and non-free-floating radioactive materials such as metallic pipes and steel stock etc. As a result of an analysis of radioactive materials in air, it was below measurable limit except a slight amount of Cs-137 was detected on the 1stfloor of the storage No. 6 (9.5×10-6Bq/cm3).This Cs-137 appears to be due to extraneous effect.
 The proportion of the drums lying on their side was low (approx. 0.7%). It was confirmed that there were 32 drums opened by turnover in total.
 No significant damage of the buildings was not confirmed as a result of the visual inspection.

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