March 14th, 2011 – Ops Center top priority – expect some delays

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From:Ordaz. Vonna
To:Haney, Catherine; Dorman, Dan
Cc:Weaver, Doug; Rahimi, Merai; Pulliam. Timothy; Fitch, Karen; Doolittle. Elizabeth; White. Bernard
Subject:Heads Up – Potential Workload Impact due to Ops Center Support
Date:Monday, March 14, 2011 12:40:12 PM


A few of our staff members were called to support the Ops Center including Rollie Berry, Kevin Witt, and Kim Gambone.

We fully agree that the Ops Center support is the highest priority, and these individuals are already over there.

However, this may cause some delays in Rollie’s workload including preparations for the SFST business line deliverables and meetings, SPO inputs, and SES midyear write-ups.

Kevin is the backup for some of these items, and he was called to the Ops Center, too.

We will do our best with supporting the deliverable dates to PBPA and the FO, but want you to be aware, in advance, that there may be some delays.


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