March 14th, 2011 – This is the TBW sequence we’ve all dreaded – Japan still very secretive

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Thanks Jeff but, over the last three days, I am all talking pointed out! I just wrote part of the Chairman‘s press conference words at the White House this afternoon. You can see the back of my head on the public website – flesh-colored yarmulke and all.

Things are not good and the Japanese have finally requested our assistance but, are still very secretive.

This is the TBW sequence (prolonged SBO with no containment heat removal) that we’ve all dreaded.

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A useful perspective when thinking and talking about Fukushima.


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From: “Joe Colvin” Date: March 14,2011 1:31:45 AM EDT
To: “Mr. Jeffrey T. Mitman” I(b)(6)
Subject: Talking Points on Implications of Fukushima Accident to U.S. Nuclear Plants

Dear ANS Members:

Over the last two days, the ANS Crisis Communications team has been very proactive and has handled a multitude of media and press calls. ANS spokespersons have participated in national television, radio and press interviews providing the views of the nuclear science and technology experts within the Society. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Dale Klein who has given tremendous support to the Society and the public in response to the events at Fukushima.

We have begun fielding media inquiries about the implications of the problems at Fukushima on the US program. We have prepared the attached talking points to assist responders to this line of questions. The talking points are consistent with the talking points prepared by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) on the same subject.

Thank you all for your strong support!

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