March 15th, 2011 – “Re-criticality” is a major concern – I hope transient will become stable

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Dear ISOE Colleagues,

I have received the email below from Mr. Mizumachi, past ISOE Bureau Chair. He provides his current assessment of the
TEPC.J Reactor situation. The plant operators are making significant sacrifices to keep cooling water over the core in a very challenging environment.

Dr. Mizumachi indicates the “re-criticality” is the major concern at this time.

David W. Miller
Radiation Protection Dept.
Cook Nuclear Plant
American Electric Power
One Cook Place
Bridgman, Michigan 49106
1 269 466-3428
1 269 466 3389 fax


Thank you very much for your valuable information, I sent this information to the minister.

I was working in the office which is 7th floar, we had the long shaking for 3 or 4 minutes which was unusually long.

But nothing happened in my office. Juako was in our house and we lost only some plates. We are completely fine, but the north part is terrible.

We had one of the worst earthquake in the world in the north part of Japan where 15 thousands people may be killed by the 30 feet Tsunami which we never experienced.

As for Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, the reactor building is bad shape.

TEPco is inserting the sea water into the RPV and i hope the transient will become stable.

The-decay heat may stay for months, but we can control it.

Right now we may have to consider about the re-criticality.


Wataru and Yoshihisa,

It appears the Unit 2 may be headed to an uncontrolled criticality. Pat Robinson, recommends a Los Alamos Chemical Engineer Expert to TEPCO. His name is Gordon Jarvenian PhD at _________________(b)(.)

The seawater is flashing to steam as I understand it. TEPCo will need to inject depleted Ur and/or Am-241 in the partially core to poison the uncontrolled criticality mass. Gordon may know how to do this.

I wish you the best in responding to this rare and unusual nuclear plant event.

David W. Miller, PhD
NATC Regional Director
Radiation Protection Dept.
Cook Nuclear Plant
American Electric Power
One Cook Place
Bringman, Michigan 49106
1 269 466-3428
269 466 3389 fax

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