March 25th, 2011 – Elevated I-131 Levels at Prairie Island Nuclear Station

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From: Stoedter, Karla
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 10:04 AM
To: Phalen, Martin; Dickson, Billy; Lerch, Robert; Shah, Swetha; Wengert, Thomas; Zurawski, Paul; Barker, Allan;
Logaras, Harral; Mitlyng, Viktoria; Chandrathil, Prema
Subject: slightly elevated 1-131 found in sample at PI

All –

I was informed this morning that PI found a slightly elevated level of 1-131 in one of the samples that were taken following their discussion with Marty Phalen earlier this week.

I do not know the levels of 1-131 or how many samples were taken, but the licensee is planning on contacting Marty to provide that information. It also looks like the licensee will be taking additional samples.

They (the licensee) are discussing the need to make contact with the PIIC regarding taking some samples on the Indian Community property for information and to improve the relationship between the plant and the PIIC.

I am providing this information to you as we may want to be prepared to have additional discussions with the PIIC regarding these samples. I would recommend that we let the licensee make additional contact with the PIIC and then we provide a follow up communication if needed.

I will let you know as I hear more.

Marty, please let us know what you hear from the licensee.


Karla Stoedter
Senior Resident Inspector
Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant

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