March 26th, 2011 – Mark 1 containment vulnerable to melt through – SBO

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From: Tinkler, Charles
To: Gibson, Kathy
Sent: Sat Mar 26 12:42:22 2011
Subject: Mark I failure

The Mark I containment is relatively vulnerable to drywell shell/liner melt thru – if the reactor vessel fails and if the drywell floor is dry (not flooded). It also depends if the drywell pedestal region has a large sump or if there are curbs. (design details)

Peach Bottom is fairly vulnerable, for SBO, if the RPV fails then the containment fails but most of the fission products are deposited in the suppression pool so the containment integrity is not so important at that stage.

SOARCA models containment failure but the fission product release is still relatively small because the fp’s go

to the pool.

Charles Tinkler
[email protected]

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