March 26th, 2011 – Mark 1 hydrogen explosion damaging torus/suppression pool

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From: Tinkler,’Charles
To: Gibson, Kathy
Sent: Sat Mar 26 13:23:10 2011
Subject: RE: Mark I failure

There was speculation that hydrogen explosion in the reactor building may have damaged the torus/suppression pool.

However, as I have noted and discussed with RST, the unit 3 torus pressure is 2 bar. So, it may be relatively minor damage since the pressure reading is above atmospheric. Leakage may be high on the torus.

Alternatively, they may have had trouble closing a vent valve and that is what caused pressure to drop after explosion.

Evidence also suggests unit 3 containment may be flooded up to the drywell – maybe up as high as the RPV lower head. Drywell pressure is 1 bar and torus pressure is a little less than 2 bar.(suggests flooding).

Other measurement also suggested flooding. Again we discussed with RST (I talked to Don Helton yesterday before he went on RST shift and he passed it along for their telecom to Japan) View was discussed with ET as well.

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