Nuclear firms team up in response to nuclear safety – seismic hazards – risk assessment

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Veteran Firms in the Nuclear Industry Announce New Venture Combining Expertise, Resources to Address Seismic Hazards & Risk Assessment

Two veteran firms in the nuclear industry, Engineering Planning and Management (EPM) and Nuclear Safety Associates (NSA), are combining their expertise in nuclear safety analysis, risk assessment and regulatory compliance to offer advanced services and solutions for nuclear plant licensees addressing seismic hazards and risk assessment.

In response to pending changes in regulatory requirements from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), EPM and NSA are leveraging their collective experience to offer clients a focused, dedicated team and the latest analysis technologies to perform the seismic and structural response analyses required, along with the corresponding probabilistic risk assessments.

“Recent attention on seismic activity around the world, along with the earthquake that hit the eastern U.S. this year, has lead to intensified regulatory focus on seismic hazards and risks for U.S. nuclear facilities,” said Wade Larson, president of Engineering Planning and Management. “The combination of NSA’s strengths and experience in seismic and structural engineering with EPM’s expertise in systems engineering and probabilistic risk assessment offers nuclear facility operators the strongest team of industry experts to respond to these increasing demands.”

About EPM
Engineering Planning and Management, Inc. (EPM) has provided regulatory compliance strategies and analysis expertise to nuclear power utilities for more than 30 years, and today offers advanced engineering, software systems and risk assessment services to a variety of capital-intensive industries with unique safety challenges. EPM offers nuclear plant operators an exceptional combination of probabilistic risk analysis, systems engineering and advanced thermal-hydraulic simulations, and nuclear regulatory compliance support for the new regulatory focus on seismic hazards and their risk to safe plant operations.

About NSA
Nuclear Safety Associates, Inc. (NSA) is an industry leader in helping clients to establish a rigorous safety basis for nuclear operations that is consistent with applicable regulatory requirements. NSA has extensive experience working in both the NRC and DOE regulatory environments, and supports new design and construction projects, operating facilities, and nuclear facility decontamination and decommissioning. NSA has expertise at all professional levels of nuclear engineering, radiological engineering, and seismic and structural engineering. The company’s nuclear engineers, seismic/structural engineers, and Certified Health Physicists (CHPs) participate in a wide variety of activities, including seismic structural response analyses, source term generation, dose assessment, atmospheric dispersion, safety analysis, and external event analyses for nuclear facilities.

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