Savannah River to harvest and study recently found growths in spent fuel pool

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Scientists will fabricate a special piece of equipment to harvest samples of an unidentified white growth appearing in racks of nuclear waste stored at Savannah River Site.  A federal oversight panel, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board, made note of the white, cobweblike material and speculated it “may be biological in nature.”

“We won’t have the info on the origins and identity of the material until we get a larger sample to analyze,” said Angie French, a spokeswoman for Savannah River National Laboratory, which is conducting the inquiry. “We expect to be able to get that sample in late January.”

“The material disperses readily when disturbed, so we are designing and fabricating sampling apparatus to collect the larger sample needed,” she said, adding that the mystery growth does not appear to be causing any problems or damage.

Source: Augusta Chronicle

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