Taiwan to proceed with work on Number 4 Longmen Nuclear Power Plant

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The ROC government will continue with efforts to build the No. 4 Longmen nuclear power plant in New Taipei City, Atomic Energy Council Deputy Minister Huang Tsing-tung said Dec. 20.

“During the construction process, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the AEC will strengthen project management and safety surveillance,” Huang said. “We will uphold the principles of safety first with quality as our top priority.”

Huang made the remarks during a Safety Oversight Committee meeting at the plant amid concerns over a Taiwan Power Co. safety report that has been criticized for failing to adequately address safety concerns.

In pre-operation tests at the plant over the past year, the nuclear facility has seen fires, blackouts and other irregularities.



“We cannot accept the AEC’s decision to proceed with construction,” said Tsui Shu-hsin, secretary general of the nongovernmental Green Citizens’ Alliance and a member of the committee.

Work on the plan should stop immediately and not be allowed to start again until a through safety review has been completed, Tsui added.



According to Taipower, construction on the nuclear power plant is now 93.3 percent complete.

Nuclear No.4
Members of the Safety Oversight Committee inspect the Longmen nuclear plant. (Courtesy of AEC)

Source: Taiwan Today


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