January 2012

NRC Approves AREVA’s application to ship reload fuel for troubled Genkai Reactor 1

NRC AREVA Export of Nuclear Fuel to Genkai Nuclear Power Station The Genkai Nuclear Power Plant is located in the town of Genkai in the Higashimatsuura Districtin the Saga Prefecture. It is owned and operated by the Kyūshū Electric Power Company….

Byron Nuclear 2

Exelon postulates outage due to failed insulator falling off – Unknown restart date

Exelon Nuclear officials believe a failed piece of equipment at a switchyard at the plant about 95 miles northwest of Chicago caused the shutdown, but they were still investigating an exact cause. The…

Boeing Fire

Depleted Uranium and the Boeing 747 airplane program

Neither the Federal Aviation Administration nor the major aircraft manufacturers publish information about which planes and helicopters contain DU components. As one industry insider told a reporter, “No one brags about DU.” However many…


State of New York accepts assurances that containment buildings are sound

The state has dropped one of its arguments against renewing the licenses of the Indian Point nuclear power plant.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the state is satisfied with assurances from the plants‘…

Byron Nuclear

Byron Nuclear Station Reactor 2 still offline Tuesday morning

The Byron Nuclear Station Reactor 2 was still offline Tuesday morning as repairs begin on a switch that failed, an Exelon official said.   Officials are investigating the events surrounding a power failure at…


Photos of Reactor 4 SFP Damaged Gate to Refueling Pond

Special Dismantling Equipment

Photo of SFP repair work underway at Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 4

Broaddus, Doug

March 16th, 2011 – Situation getting worse and NRC response continuing to increase

From: Broaddus, Doug Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 1:26 PM To: Blechman, Paula; Clayton, Beverly; Gratton, Christopher; Lingam, Siva; Mozafari, Brenda; Orf, Tracy; Paige, Jason; Saba, Farideh; Sola, Clara; Thorpe, April Subject: FW:…

Fukushima - Daiichi - Enformable scene00319

IAEA Denies Reports That It Will Establish An Office in Fukushima

Press Release 2012/02 Correction of Media Reports on Plans for IAEA “Fukushima Office” 30 January 2012 | A number of media reports have incorrectly quoted Director General Yukiya Amano as saying the IAEA will establish…

Vogtle Construction

A look at the year cost estimates for the first two Vogtle Nuclear Units over the years

The Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, also known as Plant Vogtle, is a 2-unit nuclear power plant located in Burke County, near Waynesboro, Georgia.  When the two original nuclear units at Plant Vogtle were planned, the total cost estimate…


Palisades Nuclear VP – A degradation of safety culture principles led to performance deficiencies

Palisades nuclear power plant is waiting on the NRC to make a final review for two safety-related incidents, which may further drop their plant safety status.   Palisades would be considered by the NRC…


Two upgraded “Quince” robots to aid Fukushima work revealed by Chiba Institute

One of the robots is designed to measure radioactive material trapped in dust in the air, the other is equipped with a laser-scanner to create a three-dimensional map. It was also announced no…

Bottom of Ocean

Fukushima Daiichi – Investigation results of bottom of the sea in front of Units 5-6 Water Intakes

2012.1.30 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station; Investigation results of the bottom of the sea in front of Units 5-6 Water Intakes The digest version (Video on January 27, 2012) Videos *Video File For…

Cesium Levels in Food

Almost half of Fukushima municipalities don’t test school lunches for radiation

According to data compiled by the Fukushima prefectural board of education, 33 of the 59 municipalities in the prefecture test school lunches for radiation. Parents are puzzled why some local governments conduct tests…


14 Workers at Dounreay Nuclear Complex found with contamination on shoes

Traces of contamination were found on the shoes of 14 operators at the Caithness site, which is being decommissioned.  An investigation confirmed that the contamination was confined to a small area, which was…

NRC Response

NRC Response to Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident

NRC Response – Executive, Reactor Safety, Protective Measures, Safeguards, Public Affairs, and Liaison Teams NRC Response to Fukushima Dai-ichi Accident  


Fukushima FOIA Docs 8: A Real Outrage

The Rest of the Story… This installment of my series is about the more recent documents released to MA Congressman Ed Markey by the NRC in late October of last year, which led…


Albania Suspends Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Post-Fukushima

Albania has put on hold its plans to build a nuclear power plant in the Shkoder region until all issues concerning its potential impact on the environment and territory are fully resolved, according…

Members of the IAEA International Remediation Expert Mission to Japan board a bus_1600x1067

IAEA approves Japan’s post-Fukushima reactor checks – faulty criteria and conflict of interest

Japan on Thursday welcomed an International Atomic Energy Agency delegation it invited to check safety procedures at its third-largest nuclear-power plant, a move designed to pave the way for the restart of dozens…

Brunswick_NPP copy

2011 Brunswick water leak caused by workers not trained in reactor vessel disassembly

Nuclear safety officials have concluded that a fluke mishap last year at Progress Energy‘s Brunswick nuclear plant near Wilmington was caused by the lack of worker qualification and that necessary training had lapsed…

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