11 universities essentially guaranteed taxpayers money for promotion of nuclear power

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Revelations that the government and the nuclear energy industry have donated 10.4 billion yen in total to 11 universities have highlighted the heavy reliance of such high education institutions on outside funds for their research into nuclear energy.

These universities have been effectively guaranteed stable amounts of research funds as long as they cooperate in the promotion of nuclear power, demonstrating that such high education institutions have been incorporated into the national policy.

In the meantime, nuclear energy-related companies typically paid the universities hundreds of thousands of yen to millions of yen per project to commission them to conduct research.  Furthermore, these companies have extended hundreds of thousands of yen to some 1 million yen each to individual researchers. Even though such donations are managed by the universities, individual recipients can freely use the money in most cases.

It is only nuclear researchers in favor of the promotion of nuclear power that can receive research funds from the national government and nuclear energy-related firms.



Hiroaki Koide and Tetsuji Imanaka, assistant professors at the Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute who are staunch opponents of nuclear power, received no research funds from the government and nuclear energy-related companies between fiscal 2006 and 2010.



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