Almost half of Fukushima municipalities don’t test school lunches for radiation

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According to data compiled by the Fukushima prefectural board of education, 33 of the 59 municipalities in the prefecture test school lunches for radiation.

Parents are puzzled why some local governments conduct tests after the children have already eaten lunch, while others do so before lunch.


The Fukushima municipal government conducts tests about once a week, and has set a limit of 350 becquerels per kilogram.

The Koriyama municipal government checks school lunches only once a week, although ingredients left over from lunches on the other four school days also are tested. This means that some tests are carried out after the schoolchildren have eaten their lunch.

In Minami-Soma, where part of the city is designated as a no-entry zone, the municipal government started carrying out tests on five school days after lunch from Jan. 16.

The Tomioka municipal government in neighboring Gunma Prefecture is conducting tests only twice a month for cooked school lunch dishes


Source: Yomiuri

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