Bechtel an DOE to replan 2012 work after layoffs diminish worker levels

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Layoff notices were distributed to 154 construction workers Tuesday at the Hanford vitrification plant.  In November, Bechtel announced that it had laid off close to 200 construction workers by midmonth.  The layoffs were because of the mix of skills that will be needed this year at the $12.2 billion plant, which is being built to turn radioactive waste left from past weapons plutonium production into a stable glass form for disposal.

Bechtel and DOE continue to replan the 2012 work at the plant based on $740 million, and more information should be available in February.

“While there remains some uncertainty in the exact level of funding available to the project during (fiscal 2012), we are now planning the $740 million annual appropriations,” Russo said in the memo.  Mission Support Alliance, the Hanford support services contractor, also is moving forward with a layoff announced in December. It said then that up to 50 employees would leave their jobs by Feb. 2.

Source: Tri-City Herald

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