Depleted Uranium and the Boeing 747 airplane program

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  1. Why would our laws permit using radioactive metal in manufacturing of anything??? This sounds completely insane to me and against all common sense…Such highly dangerous substances should be ISOLATED away from living creatures including people, not built into products and airplanes!

    Shaking my head in disbelief… :-(

  2. The more i read since Fukushima. The more I believe in mad scientist. Three thoughts come to mind right now.1) How bout 9/11 I didn’t hear a peep about DU. 2) Even liars tell half the truth, no wonder there’s a radiation dose when flying. 3) I NOW BELIEVE CANCER CAN BE TRACED TO ITS SOURCE, OR AT LEAST THE ISOTOPE YOU WERE EXPOSED TO. Great article thanks

    1. Indeed! The science is starting to look very promising. Check out this study done last year by German scientists who have discovered a “radiation fingerprint” (genetic marker) for radiation-induced thyroid cancer:

      It is just a matter of time before we will be able to track our exposure back to its source. And IMHO, it is about time the truth be known about the extent of poisoning we’re receiving from exposure to man-made radiation. Kudos to these scientists.

  3. This is just another “wake up” call for all of US…

    Radioactive materials are becoming commonplace and when something goes wrong the “fallout (sic pun intended) can be dangerous!

  4. Brilliant reporting! I read a quote a bit ago that has changed my perception of pollution in all its forms. “The greatest pollution exists in the minds of men. All external pollution originates here.” We collectively need to purify the toxicity of our thoughts. This is another wake-up call to humanity– we are dreaming the wrong dreams, and the repercussions extend beyond our own health, but the health of seemingly infinite generations to come.

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