Former Vermont Governor Rips NRC and Vermont Yankee Safety Record

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Former Vermont Governor Madeleine Kunin was featured in a VPR commentary this week where she spoke about her personal experiences with the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station and the NRC.


Way back in 1985, when I was Governor, I learned that the plant had falsified inspection reports for years and that thousands of unchecked parts may have been installed.




The plant had an unplanned shut down for eight months to replace the entire recirculation piping unit. Both plant officials and the Nuclear Regulatory commission had kept me in the dark.




The best solution would be for a more safety oriented Nuclear Regulatory Commission to work with Vermont and decide whether Vermont Yankee’s lifespan is safe to extend. To succeed, the NRC would have to change course from being a nuclear energy salesman to being a nuclear cop.


Source: Vermont Public Radio

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