Fukushima head of investigation – All Japanese atomic stations will need review if quake damaged critical functions

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The head of Japan’s latest investigation into the Fukushima nuclear disaster promised to dig deeper than previous inquiries into the events that unfolded after an earthquake and tsunami struck the country in March.


“The most important question the panel needs to answer is how much damage was caused by the earthquake, rather than the tsunami,” Tetsuo Ito, the head the Atomic Energy Research Institute at Kinki University in western Japan, said by phone yesterday. “If the panel finds evidence the quake damaged critical functions, all of Japan’s atomic stations will need to be reviewed.”



The latest investigation panel appointed by Japan’s parliament with subpoena powers may publicly question officials including former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, said Kiyoshi Kurokawa, chairman of the new probe, in a briefing with reporters after the inquiry’s first open meeting in Tokyo. Kurokawa, a professor emeritus at Tokyo University, said he will present his findings by June.

Source: Bloomberg

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