Hundreds show up at NRC – First Energy – Davis-Besse Meeting

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Hundreds gathered at a public meeting, Thursday night, to hear from FirstEnergy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission about the decision to re-open the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant.

Late last year, the plant was shut down after a 30-foot hairline crack was discovered during the installation of a replacement reactor head.

After nine weeks, the plant was allowed to re-open despite strong opposition from Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and anti-nuclear activists.

“If the core melts down, if the metal containment structure fails, you’ve got the concrete containment structure. Well it is severely cracked,” Kevin Kamps ofBeyond Nuclear said.

Kamps and a dozen other anti-nuclear protestors gathered outside the Oak Harbor facility earlier in the day, to protest its re-opening, and later attended the meeting in the hopes of “learning more” about the situation at the plant.

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