IAEA Official – Restarting nuclear stations – “That is fully the responsibility of the Japanese government”

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An  IAEA mission was dispatched in response to Japan‘s request to evaluate the methodology of its stress-test safety checks now being implemented on idled reactors. By offering to put itself under international scrutiny, Japan hopes to regain public trust in its safety procedures and bring about an eventual restart of nuclear reactors.

The head of the IAEA mission, James Lyons, said a decision on whether to restart Japan’s idled nuclear reactors is solely up to the Japanese government.


“We will not be focusing on whether or not it is acceptable to restart any given plant. That is fully the responsibility of the Japanese government,” said Lyons, director of the IAEA’s nuclear-installation safety division and a former official with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, at a news conference.



Currently the status of restarting Japanese nuclear power stations is a controversial topic, as many local communities have maintained that the government is not applying lessons learned from Fukushima in their consideration.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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