Looking Forward – New Year Update

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Happy Holidays and New Year to all of our readers.  We first off want to thank each of you for the support given and ideas shared, which is really the spirit of our mission.

This weekend we have pushed hard to finalize the next release of our Fukushima Timeline, and Tuesday January 3rd, we will return to our normal daily nuclear news updates, FOIA uploads, etc.  We really appreciate the patience that our readers have had over the last 72 hours, and hope to offer a product that will exceed expectations.

Earlier in December we released our first beta release of the Fukushima Timeline Project.  We have been working like crazy behind the scenes to advance this project and add more dynamic features, and today we are proud to release the next beta release, and unveil the new fukushimatimeline.com site.

When you go to the site, you will notice the poll on the right-hand portion, and these polls will be updated frequently to give us real-time feedback of what readers think about the existing tools/features, what can be improved, and what should come next.  For more detailed tips or ideas please feel free to contact us at [email protected] subject line Fukushima Timeline Project.


This week we will be adding documentation and tutorial videos to the site, showing readers how to best use the resources, and describe the current limitations, short-term goals, and long-term goals.

The website will keep readers updated on new events, features, updates, and documentation as the project goes.  It will also serve as the “talking space” for the project, and users will be able to submit/request data, create/incorporate new views or ideas, and share information and ideas freely.

This project has grown from a group idea, to a community tool, and will be focused on community support and interaction.  Our goal is to create a dynamic database of information that readers can access, filter, and export with as much information as required.

Currently we are working on creating and deploying the timeline and timeplot tools, as a guideline to help process and sort the information on a larger scale.  Very soon we will be asking our readers to help collect and submit data, for us to clean and process and add to the master database.

Our goal is to create a dynamic database of information that readers can access, filter, and export with as much information as required.  This data would be able to be displayed through the existing views, or exported in CSV, XML, or JSON format for independent visualization.

Once we have finished building the templates and data format for readers to assist in collecting information, we will look at expanding the data displayed in the timelines and timeplots.

We have identified a few categories of information we would like to add to the database, but would greatly appreciate and ideas or tips that you may have as well;

  1. TEPCO Data
  1. TEPCO daily status updates
  2. TEPCO on-site and local radiation levels
  3. TEPCO System Information Charts
    1. Press Releases
    2. Status Updates
    3. National Radiation Levels
  • FOIA Top Docs
    1. Correspondance relating to specific events
    2. Press Releases
    3. Emailed Charts/Graphs
  • International Press Releases
    1. (NRC, EPA, National, State, etc)
    2. (IAEA, WHO, International, etc)
  • MSM news articles (CNN, Kyodo News, Asahi News, etc)
    1. Multiple Languages
    2. Photo of article for archive
    3. Source Link and Summary
  • Media
    1. Photos
    2. Videos (Embedded from Youtube/Vimeo)
    1. MSM Coverage
    2. On-site Footage
    3. Etc

    So head on over to Fukushimatimeline.com, and stay tuned for further updates.  Again, tomorrow we resume our normal routines here, and look forward to bringing the latest nuclear news, research, and resources.

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