March 12th, 2011 – Can’t demand IAEA take offer – NRC didn’t provide anything

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From: Shaffer, Mark R
To: LIA02 Hoc; Foaaie. Kirk; Virailio. Martin
Subject: Re: Contacted Lyons
Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011 5:02:59 PM

Okay, thanks Kirk. As I mentioned when we spoke, I passed on NRC’s “concern” and offer for information to Jim Lyons for him to use, as he (IAEA) sees fit. We can only offer assistance, not demand that they take it.

The call this morning didn’t exactly help out in that area.

NRC pushed IEC for a call, then when the call took place, NRC didn’t provide anything, other than asking IEC to provide NRC with information?

Everyone at the IEC (including myself) were a bit disappointed in the call. So its not too surprising that they’re not rushing to the phone again.

Jim is aware of NRC’s (and many other Member State‘s) thirst for information, and I believe he will take the information into consideration at the appropriate time.


Original- M–es-s-ag e —–
From: LIA02 Hoc To: Shaffer, Mark R; Foggie, Kirk ; Virgilio, Martin
Sent: Sat Mar 12 16:40:56 2011
Subject: RE: Contacted Lyons

Thanks Mark.

I spoke to the RST and as of 4pm (est) they had not heard from the IEC. They are ready to assist with tech specs. when they call.

FYI, Danielle Emche is taking over for me and can be reached at her nrc email and [email protected]


Original -M–es-s-ag e —–
From: Shaffer, Mark R [mailto:ShafferMr(]
Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 2:43 PM
To: Foggie, Kirk; LIA02 Hoc; Virgilio, Martin
Subject: Contacted Lyons


I passed the info. on to Jim Lyons (who is in the iEC now) and I believe IEC will be calling NRC shortly.


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